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The colorful, vibrant carnival of Rio is probably the most portrayed Brazilian event. For videographers filming in Brazil, the mixture of culture and tradition is always fascinating. If you wish to explore the most authentic parts of South America’s largest country, contact us. With our guidance, you get to see and shoot jaw-dropping landscapes or raw wildlife.

Brazil Fixers is a one-stop-shop for foreign filmmakers, providing all-encompassing support. Our production assistance is the key to untangle formalities or find the right crew. We strive to offer you the most convenient rates and high-quality filming resources. Thanks to our experienced location scout, even the Amazonian rainforest can be welcoming. From getting the film permit to wrapping up production, our team will be there to assist.Brazil Fixers

A myriad of scenic places makes this country a great choice for any production. Whether you plan to do an action movie or a documentary, filming in Brazil can match even high standards. Of course, only when our production support is part of the offer. We have a wide-ranging portfolio, allowing us to cover a large variety of filming needs. Even for those chasing a lead on a story, we are a valuable ally in the region. Trust us to be your journalist fixer and allow us to accommodate all your news crew’s needs. 

Turn your camera and take a closer look at the unique blend of lush wildlife, passion, and culture. For details regarding specific locations and formalities, Brazil Fixers has all the answers. Let’s talk!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Brazil

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Once you decide on doing a video production abroad, a lot of questions arise. Filming in Brazil can be a mesmerizing experience, guaranteed that you are not alone. Large production companies and independent filmmakers acknowledge expert support is a must-have.

The production assistance a local film fixer in Brazil can provide can be a real life-saver. Just think about having to go through endless documentation to apply for a film permit. Or how about negotiating with local gear providers, to get things ready for shooting. There are so many aspects of production that can be time-consuming and nerve-racking. Brazil Fixers support takes the weight off your shoulders.

Our broad-ranging portfolio illustrates our experience with all types of productions. Say goodbye to overwhelming responsibilities when filming in Brazil. Professionalism and dedication are the key ingredients in our work. We strive to provide services tailored according to your needs. The Brazil Fixers crew has extensive skills, knowledge, and passion. Enjoy spending more time behind the camera and leave the paperwork to us. Location scouting is another thing we excel at. No one knows all the scenic places on the map better than a film fixer in Brazil. 

Even for those on a tight budget, our production assistance is the answer. Providing you access to local resources at the most convenient rates is our priority. Brazil Fixers can help you make the most of every filming opportunity. And it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Drop us a message to know more!

Filming In Brazil With Us

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Enjoy shooting days with lots of sunshine, gorgeous landscapes, enthusiastic crew. Filming in Brazil can sound like a real heaven for many videographers. More and more foreign producers turn their cameras to capture the vibe of this South American gem. If you still have not made your choice for your next video production, let us help you. Choose this country as a shooting spot and trust our extensive production assistance.

Our experienced location manager guides your steps to unique backdrops, real hidden treasures. For a classical angle on the Christ the Redeemer in Rio or a remote village in the Amazon basin, count on us. Brazil Fixers makes sure your filming needs are fully covered, regardless of location. Our portfolio includes film permit support, equipment rental, crew for hire, and more. Rely on our extensive production assistance to put your mind at ease. 

To enhance the potential of your ideas, you have to match them with the right set and proper resources. That is exactly what we strive to do for our clients. Help them identify the most suitable backdrops and make the most of each opportunity. Team up with Brazil Fixers and enjoy top support, for the sweetest deals. Whether you plan on filming on the Sugarloaf peak or deep in the rainforest, we have you covered. Film in worldwide-famous locations or get a unique sample of authenticity. We understand international standards as we are also part of an international service production network. Count on Brazil Fixers to be the production assistance supplier you need!

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