Filming in Brazil

Capture on film beach vibes, bustling favelas, with a hint of bossa nova as a soundtrack. Summer by the ocean backdrops are within reach in many locations when filming in Brazil. And if you aim for an Indiana Jones kind of setting, you are in the right place. The abundance of landscapes available in this country can truly match any expectation. Formalities are basic but can vary depending on the scale of your production.

Film permits are usually not required for small footprint shoots in public spaces. If you need a closed road or plan to film in a natural reserve, some local and federal approvals are mandatory. Working closely with a production fixer in Brazil can help you avoid unwanted delays. Our crew is at your service, ready to handle even the time-consuming production tasks.  Get in touch with us and let’s talk more about your plans for filming in Brazil!

All-Encompassing Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Brazil

Encompassing more than 60% of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil is far more than just a lush green country. The most accessible way to capture on film all its colors is with the help of a location scout. Fortunately, our crew includes genuine production mavens, ready to help at any time. If your plans include filming in Brazil, count on us to ensure all things run smoothly on set and beyond. 

Throughout the years, Brazil has hosted not only large football events or carnivals. Various video productions were also shot on the premises. Think about “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (2008) or “City of God” (2002). The list is far longer, but our point is filming in Brazil can be the answer you have been looking for. With our extensive production assistance, you will not be missing out on local gems. Keep your eyes and lens wide open to find the most appealing angles. From the colorful favelas down to the white sand beaches, we ensure shooting here is like an ocean breeze. 

We keep our standards high for production assistance, to exceed your expectations. Yet our rates constantly adjust, according to your budget. As a leading fixer, we understand the necessity of accessing local resources. For that, our country-wide network of collaborators can keep you rolling. They can deliver top-notch equipment and services, even in a remote village by the Amazon. And let us negotiate for convenient rates. Contact us today for a fully customized offer!

Getting Film Permits In Brazil

There are a series of regulations that apply to filming in Brazil. Depending on the scale of your production or the locations where you wish to shoot, film permits may be a must. The authority in charge is ANCINE (National Film Agency)

For small shoots that do not impact the traffic or use a public space exclusively, all is easy. Usually, no film permits are necessary for these. However, for ample productions, involving even traffic control, contact us. The support of Brazil Fixers means less trouble to get approvals from authorities. This also applies if a wildlife reserve is your chosen location. It can take a few weeks to get through these formalities. For aerial shots, drone filming in Brazil is possible with a local permit. We recommend getting insurance for your gear before you start filming.

Keep in mind that applications for film permits are, by law, not allowed for foreigners. You need to be an ANCINE-registered production company to apply. That is only possible if you are a Brazilian producer. So foreign filmmakers can collaborate with a local company to do the registration. Brazil Fixers is the production partner you were looking for. Let’s talk more!

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Brazil

All the stunning backdrops available are not the only reason why filming in Brazil is so popular. The government provides consistent support for the film industry through a series of incentives. That aims to enhance the productivity and distribution of local film productions. To give you an idea of the country’s film industry development, just take a look at the events supported. ANCINE promotes a consistent number of national film festivals and events.

For any foreign production company, the incentives are highly attractive. To be eligible, you have to partner up with a local production fixer. International co-production agreements exist with countries like Chile, Spain, Canada, to name some. Collaboration with a local production company is more than a formality. It gives you an insightful perspective on the regulations. Plus, it is a basic requirement to get approval from ANCINE (National Film Agency). 

Regulations of the tax incentives for film productions in Brazil are in Laws 8,685/1993 and 8,313/1991. The first one refers to audiovisual projects. The second applies to broader, cultural productions. 

To know more about the incentives scheme and how to qualify for it, contact us. Brazil Fixers is the production partner you need!

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