Film Permits & Locations

From sunny Copacabana to the sweet panorama of the Sugarloaf Mountain, get ready to shoot! Brazil filming locations encompass a wide range of landscapes awaiting discovery. Turn your viewfinder towards the lush green rainforest or follow the samba beats to Rio. We are sure your time spent behind the camera will be worth it here. Our location manager will guide you through the favelas and mangroves, so you do not miss out on anything. More than just finding the most appealing angles, we can also assist with the film permits. Extensive production support for highly convenient rates is our offer. Contact us!

Brazil Filming Locations – Rio De Janeiro

Iconic or worldwide famous, that is what we can say about the backdrop offered for filming in Rio de Janeiro. If you are wondering which of Brazil filming locations features a world wonder, now you know. Rio de Janeiro is a popular choice for both foreign and local film producers. The Incredible Hulk or Fast & Furious 5 were partially shot here.

To film the fabulous carnival hands-on, head to Rio. And leave the paperwork on our hands. With our extensive production assistance, you get to spend time capturing expressive angles. While we handle film permits and other approvals, you can scan the area for shots (and we do not mean cachaça shots). Trust Brazil Fixers to be the local guide and partner in production you can rely on. Our goal is to help you make the most of the region’s top filming resources, at convenient rates. Get in touch!

Brazil filming locations rio de janeiro

Filming in Amazon

One of the world’s most fascinating and rich environments is the Amazonian rainforest. With lush vegetation and impressive biodiversity, it can easily appeal to filmmakers. Brazil filming locations can accommodate recording in the jungle, for sure. However, to make the most of the region’s potential, you need professional support. Filming in Amazon may sound enchanting, but it comes with plenty of challenges.

To keep your production on the right track and your crew safe, count on Brazil Fixers. We have the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the mangroves. The gateway to the Brazilian rainforest is Manaus, a surprisingly telegenic city. For remote locations, deep in the jungle to the ocean shore, our support covers all your filming needs. Get in touch with us and allow us to help plan even the smallest details of your production. From gear rental to film permits in Brazil, we provide top assistance. Contact us today!

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Brazil  Filming Locations – São Paulo

For genuine footage of a bustling metropolis, São Paulo is the place to go. Filmmakers simply cannot skip this megacity when exploring Brazil filming locations. The striking medley of modern, neo-Gothic, and colonial architecture are sure to enchant. Turn your viewfinder towards this southeastern vibrant city and enjoy shooting. With the support of an experienced production company like us, filming in Brazil is a breeze.

We ensure access to top locations and assistance for film permits. Extensive support is what we strive to deliver. Capture the back alley vibes or main street bustle with no stress. Our location scout manager can guide you through the maze of the city, for the most appealing angles. And you can rest assured that you will not have to rob a bank to afford our services. Brazil Fixers delivers top-notch assistance at the most convenient rates for foreign filmmakers. Drop us a message to know more!

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Filming in Iguazu Falls

If you are looking for epic backdrops, we have the perfect one for you. It is, of course, found among the Brazil filming locations. If 275 waterfalls sound epic enough for you, that is where our location scout manager will guide you to. Iguazu (or Iguaçu in Portuguese) Falls are the largest waterfall system in the world. Found at the border between Brazil and Argentina, these massive waterfalls are unmissable.

You have seen them on the big screen already in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008). Also, the James Bond escape scene from Moonraker (1979) features the Iguazu Falls. So, if you are ready to go on an adventure for your next video production in Brazil, let us know. We can accommodate all your filming needs, in any location. From film permits to crew hire, we are the film fixer in Brazil you need. Let’s talk about filming!

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